Which platform for community edition?


Which platform resp OS is officially suggested to install the community edition on?

Cheers, toddehb

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Our Greenbone Community Documentation provides instructions for

  • Debian stable (bookworm)
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • Fedora 38
  • CentOS 9 Stream

I think most of our users and developers are in the Debian package camp. But by using the Greenbone Community Containers you are completely independent of the Distribution and OS.


Thanks. Tried Containers once and ran into some issues I was not able to solve.

IMHO, deciding on an install platform requires consideration for several things such as:

  • Your IT infrstructure resources
  • Your IT experience / what OS platform(s) you are most comfortable with
  • Your scanning needs (i.e. scan schedule, number of assets to scan, internal/external, etc.)

I consider the Docker containers to be best suited for (1) those with Docker experience, and (2) those with fairly low scanning requirements, those that don’t have a dedicated system for vuln scanning, or (3) those without a system with enough resources to operate a type-2 hypervisor such as VirtualBox with good performance. Docker containers do provide really easy push button updates if you follow the Greenbone Docker container Workflows.

Obiviously, source code install is required for those who want to customize Greenbone or contribute to the source code. But, managing updates for source code is more complex to manage and I think Greenbone Community Edition can be considered “rolling” release software package.

IMO, Kali is the best option for those who want an easy installation, but typically needs either (1) a dedicated Kali machine, or (2) a machine with enough power to run Kali in a type-2 hypervisor such as VirtualBox with good performance, (3) a VPS hosting provider such as Linode that provides Kali cloud VMs.

@bricks may also have different perspective on what considerations account for a platform decision, but the topic is worthy of debate for sure :wink:

If containers didn’t work on your first swing, maybe the issue can be resolved.

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