Where to start with an ext vuln scan of my office WAN IP!

Looking for guidancec as to where I even start do carry out an external vulnerability scan on our office WAN IP? Is there something I can load onto my laptop, take it to an external location and get at least a basic test back to my office WAN IP?

You could download the GCE Virtual Appliance and get what you want, if your laptop is capable of running such a virtual machine.

Well, it’s a Core-i5 with 8GB RAM, would that work? Not sure what else I’d need to do to run the GCE VA.

See here for more official info: https://www.greenbone.net/en/install_use_gce/
(and/or use the forum search function for more details about using it if you encounter problems).
In fact it’s called GCE VM (not VA) … but well, that’s a detail.

From the text shown while creating a new topic in the “Vulnerability Tests” category:

Use this category for all topics (General discussion of results, reporting of false positive / negative results, VT development) around vulnerability tests (the so called “NASL scripts”).

Please chose a different/better fitting category for all topics related to GVM (Installation, Usage, Configuration, Scanning).

As this is not directly related to GVM the “Security Processes” category might the closest fit.