Where is the gvmd.sock?

Gvmd.sock does not exist while installing from source.
I want to use gvm-cli to create task.
Need Help!
I just find ospd.sock,but it can not to use.
Here is my version:
And there is no sock file in /usr/local/var/run/


The actual path depends on the build and runtime settings of gvmd. By default it uses $CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/var/run/gvmd.sock. But also the daemon must be running already. You can adjust the path of the unix socket via -c flag at runtime too. See gvmd --help

c, --unix-socket=<filename>                  Listen on UNIX socket at <filename>.

Thank you for reply.
But I use the command"find / -name gvmd.sock" ,there is no returned.

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Please double check if gvmd is running at all and if is not configured to use TLS.

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I have the same issue as xieyt, how can we check if gvmd uses TLS? My gvmd service is running.

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Hey! Thanks for all of your help in the forums. I have dove in to GVM recently and found you championing them pretty much everywhere I look.

If we are not compiling ourselves but installing from the instructions found here (which I believe is the sanctioned install?), is there a way for us to to configure the unix socket path? I have followed the instructions linked above and found out of the box GSAD is expecting my socket to be at /run/gvmd/gvmd.sock. I cannot get the socket to create anywhere besides /run/gvm/gvmd.sock. I have dug through the gvmd instructions on readthedocs.io, but running sudo -E -u gvm -g gvm gvmd --unix-socket=/run/gvmd/gvmd.sock doesn’t seem to actually modify the config file or throw any errors. I would also be happy to verify the location for the latest documentation to find the answer myself.
Thanks in advance! I love the project!!!


this might be a bit surprising but gvmd and gsad don’t have config files for settings. All settings must be configured when starting the daemons. This means to change the settings you most likely have to adjust the systemd service files.

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I guess what I was referencing was the environment file that these two services use when they start. Thanks for the information though, I really appreciate it :smile: