Where Do We Get Custom Scan Configs For OpenVAS?

By Default When we installed OpenVAS we can get the default scan configs like
Host Discovery
System Discovery
Full and Fast
Full and fast ultimate
Full and very deep
Full and very deep ultimate

If I initiate scans using these default scan configs I can get the reports and results are properly. When I try with the custom scan configs like (Denial Of Service, Firewalls, Service detection, CISCO …etc.,) we are able to do scans but results are getting with (0.0)log in severity.

Please suggest me.


unfortunately currently most information are missing from your post. Please always try to provide as many information as possible. As a reader i would e.g. expect that the initial post at least includes the following:

  1. The used version (Source edition or Greenbone appliance?
    1.1 If GSE: What OS are you running?
  2. What kind of logs you’re getting?
  3. The configuration of your scan (e.g. portlist, scan configuration etc.)

Just as a note: the title is misleading or differs from the question you are asking. The question was also once asked here:

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Besides of the hints above the ones in the following topic below might help here as well: