When using curl from linux to download libraries, it get HTML files

I am on a linux server using curl to download the gvm libraries and get HTML files instead of the libraries. Using a browser I get the right files. Why do I get HTML junk?

For example:

““curl -i -L Release v22.6.3 · greenbone/gvm-libs · GitHub””

Hi, most likely you didn’t set the necessary environment variables.

I´m not using environment variables. I use the url that is on the page. But I notice that the files are under “releases” and the versión. The links on the hyperlinks are not correct. There must be some redirection happening.

Thanks for your reply.

The URLs contain environment variables. If you don’t set them the links are of course invalid and return a http error page.


Also note that this seems to be not even relevant to the official docs and no environmental variables are involved.

It seems that the OP had tried to download the archive via:

curl -i -L https://github.com/greenbone/gvm-libs/releases/tag/v22.6.3/v22.6.3.tar.gz

while the command should be something like e.g. the following instead:

curl -i -L https://github.com/greenbone/gvm-libs/archive/refs/tags/v22.6.3.tar.gz

@JoeDev23 As the download functionality on Github is not part of the Greenbone software stack but part of Github itself i would suggest to refer to the Github documentation / support for additional help.