When I manually stop scan task, what is the current NVT when I stop?

When I manually stop scan task, task status only shows “Stopped at XX%”.
Is there any way to know which NVT I stopped at?
or a list of those NVTs that I have done?

Hello rexly2046 and welcome to the Greenbone community!

There is no easy way to check this. While the scan report contains results, and every result is generated by a VT, there may be some VTs that do not generate results, so the results list may not be exhaustive.

You will need to use the command line to find out more. A quick way to check the currently executed VTs is to run watch systemctl status ospd-openvas.

For a complete list of executed VTs you need to edit the configuration file of the openvas scanner (usually located at /etc/openvas/openvas.conf, but this may differ based on your installation method). There, you need to enable the option log_whole_attack. Then every VT execution will be logged to the system log. Note that due to the large amount of VTs that are executed during each scan, this can quickly fill up your system’s log partition. We do not recommend activating this option permanently.


Thanks for your reply.