What vulnerabilities have been checked?

Hi all,

I have used GVM 11 (included in an old Kali image) to scan some devices and it reports some vulnerabilities.
To have a more up-to-date results, I have updated to GVM 20.08 with latest Kali version and I don’t have the same results as previously. The vulnerabilities are gone…

My feeds are up-to-date and I’m using the full and fast scan in both cases.

I wonder if the same vulnerabilities have been tested in both cases.
Did someone know if there is a way to list all checks done on a target or to check if a specific NVT has been tested?

Thanks for you help!

Installed with pre-build Kali image 20.08 for VirtualBox
gsad: 20.08.1~git
gvmd: 20.08.1
openvas: 20.8.1
uname: Linux Kali 5.10.0-kali3-amd64

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I can only advice to check with the GSM TRIAL, if you have different results, please open a ticket with Kali or the source where you got your uncoordinated software from.

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