What version to run now?

Hello people! Long time user of "OpenVAS packaged with Kali Linux, but now I want to get a stand alone VM running GSM. I am a bit confused about what GSM CE version to run now. While in this post: Latest version Virtual Appliance it is explained that 6.0.10 “will remain fully functional for the foreseeable future”, it is not working. If you run a new install from the ISO, there will be no working community feed, and all scans will fail with an error. The post also says that there will be an Greenbone Community Edition 20.08.0 iso published “shortly after, 2020-08-31”, but I can’t find any link to it what so ever. I have also tried the gsm-trial-20.08.4.iso, but that doesn’t boot on VMware workstation 16. So, what do I get that is actually working?

Hello xaero, and welcome to the Greenbone community!

The GSM TRIAL is the successor to the GSM CE, and we recommend using the GSM TRIAL 20.08.4. I have updated the old post that you linked to reflect the new situation.

As for your installation problem with the GSM TRIAL, did you enable EFI for the virtual machine? Cf. this VMware doc.

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Hello! Roger that. Thanks for the information! I will try that image again with UFI.

Hello again! So the image gsm-trial-20.08.4.iso install was successful using EFI firmware in VMware. After setup is done and I login to do the final setup, I am being told the feed server can’t be reached:

The server has full outbound access. How do I solve this?

Please check our Internet connectivity, the best would be connect the VM direct and without any firewall to the internet. In almost all cases this message indicated that you are not direct connected to the internet or a firewall is blocking the feed update.

This message can be ignored, IIRC this will be fixed in one of the next GSM TRIAL versions.


The server has full access outbound, connection works, no firewall.

Message could indeed be ignored, seems to be working anyway. Thanks alot!