What settings for a fast scan to verify credentialled authenticated access

Could someone suggest the best combination of options to just check whether an authenticated scan is possible on the scan targets.
(OpenVAS v6)
Many thanks

I’m not sure I understand your questions.
For an authenticated scan, you need some kind of door and some kind of key to enter it, e.g. credentials and the info to what kind of entry point they apply.
So there is no real liberty to choose options, because you need to set the options according to the credentials you have and the entry point you know they are for.
Then you just launch the scan. If it works, the scan is possible, and if not, the options don’t fit the information you need to have anyway or the information was wrong to begin with.

I just want to do a quick scan of the network to identify which machines are properly configured for an authenticated scan.

I just wondered if there are specific scan settings I could select that focused purely on checking whether the scan engine can authenticate, the remote registry is enabled and file and print sharing is on.

Many thanks

Just run a discovery scan. It will try to identify installed components with authenticated checks as well.

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That’s great. Many thanks.