What is the ideal way of installing gvm-tools on your server?

Hello everyone. I was able to successfully install GVM as a Packer image. I am very greatful to all of you who responded to my errors that I ran into. I do have a question regarding how to use gvm-cli which was recommended to me by @jjnicola. Since ospd-openvas is located in a python3 virtualenv, should it be best to install gvm-tools into the virtualenv and do the scans through that location, or does it matter on where I install the tools are PATH it?

My environment uses Ubuntu 20.04, and the libraries I have installed are as follows:
gvm_libs: 20.8.0
openvas_scanner: 20.8.0
ospd: 20.8.1
ospd_openvas: 20.8.0

Thanks again!

That depends on you use case. If you have several users that need gvm-cli you should install it globally. At best via a distribution package.

If it is only for a single user and you need it regularly you can install it into user user space with pip install --user gvm-tools. In that case the tools can be found in $HOME/.bin which needs to be added to your $PATH environment variable.

Otherwise if you just want to play with it or you are a (Python) developer you should keep your Python packages separated in virtual environments. With a virtual environment it’s much easier to just remove or update it. You can even try different versions at the same time.

So short answer it depends.