What is the difference between greenbone-nvt-sync and rsync nvt-feed?

Hello everyone! I have a dumb question on the feeds and what they do. Currently I have no issues in installing the nvts with the command greenbone-nvt-sync. I only install nvts since we only use nvts for scans only. Nevertheless, I have seen an rsync nvt-feed command to update a feed of several services which I do not know of. It looks something like this:

sudo su -c "rsync --compress-level=9 --links --times --omit-dir-times --recursive --partial --quiet rsync://feed.community.greenbone.net:/nvt-feed /opt/gvm/var/lib/openvas/plugins" gvm

Would these correlate to Greenbone’s nvt-sync, and what would be the purpose of nvt-feeds to greenbone-nvt-sync? Also, should I periodically update both greenbone-nvt-sync and the rsync nvt-feed? Much thanks to anyone who can help me.

We are not aware of this thing too. It’s not supported so you should not use it.

To be more precise the API of feed sync are our provided sync scripts. We don’t guarantee any file structure on the server or even locally on your machine. This might break. It could even be possible that we decide to drop rsync. rsync is just a technology we are currently using. Not a stable interface to the feed.


With a look to the gvmd/greenbone-feed-sync.in at main · greenbone/gvmd · GitHub file it’s nothing else what the default script does. Only without all the stuff around the command.