What exactly is the "log facility" for gvm-nvt-sync?

I have a dockerfile that basically installs openvas within Kali. I understand there’s a separate docker image built by openvas for this, but I really want to get this going in the Kali image so I can have a single, customized docker image.

The docker image fails, unfortunately, and the last thing that I can see when it fails is this:

<28>Jun 24 02:17:22 greenbone-nvt-sync: The log facility is not working as expected. All messages will be written to the standard error stream.                              
<29>Jun 24 02:17:22 greenbone-nvt-sync: No Greenbone Security Feed access key found, falling back to Greenbone Community Feed     

I believe this causes the process to run all the way, but the exit status is 1, causing the docker build process to halt.

What exactly is this “log facility” so that I can fix this and prevent this from happening? Is there an alternative approach?

I see the log facility error on every one of my docker images. It doesn’t prevent the container from running. I suspect there is something else going on with the nvt-sync. (Make sure you are running it as the feed owner and not root) . An easy way to debug this for me has been to add a “sleep 1d” in your container start script (entrypoint) right before the error. Start the container with --detach or -d, then exec into it and run the command manually to figure out what’s going on.

Feel free to take a look at the start.sh I use. It’s on github here:

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Thanks for the reply and you were correct too. It looks like there was something else going on. Quite a weird default message for an installation, that’s for sure.