What can OpenVAS scan for?

Hi, I have been using OpenVAS for a few weeks now and it seems great for showing vulnerability’s but I’d like to know what else it is able to scan for?

I have around 20 servers on my LAN I’d like scan for viruses and malware from OpenVAS every night say around 3am. Will OpenVAS do what I need? if not does anyone know if there’s an application on Kali Linux that would do what I need?

Also Is there a way to automatically update the feeds for OpenVAS in the software? or does it have to be done via cron jobs?


no. The Greenbone Community Edition is a framework for managing vulnerabilities of the hosts in your network. It’s not a firewall, web application scanner, intrusion detection system nor a virus scanner.

This is up to you but cron jobs are of course a feasible way.

Thanks. do you know of any applications on Kali that might do what I am looking for?

Ok thanks. I am assuming there isn’t a built in feature that updates them automatically?

Our appliance products provide this feature out of the box.

We don’t have much influence in the setup of our software stack on distributions like Kali.

Ok thanks.