Vulnerability : TCP timestamps and jQuery<1.9.0 XSS Vulnerability

Hi all,

I have used openvas to scan my system and received information about 2 vulnerability : TCP timestamps and jQuery<1.9.0 XSS Vulnerability.
With TCP timestamps vulnerability, I have seen it on esxi ver 6.5 and no solution to solved it.
With jQuery<1.9.0 XSS Vulnerability, my system have used jQuery version 2.1.4 but still received imformation about it.
Please help me to resolve these problems.
Thank everyone very much

For the TCP timestamps vulnerability please consult the manual or support of your operating system on how to migate this vulnerability. A mitigation for this highly depends on the used environment and because of this no specific mitigation can be provided here.

For the jQuery vulnerability have a look at the output of the Detection-VT gb_jquery_detect.nasl (OID: which provides the output on where your system is using a jQuery version lower then 1.9.0.


Thanks @cfi