Vulnerability scan finished after 10 hours

I’m using the opensource Greenbone version. The logs show the following entry:
Vulnerability scan 69fdc356-6858-451b-a3c4-f93e1726671a finished for host in 38139.34 seconds

38139.34 seconds is about 10-11 hours. I have a few questions:

  1. How can I research which plugins take a long time?
  2. How can I set a hard limit for a specific host? For example, if it takes > 4 hours to scan a specific host, I want to stop scanning that host and continue, to prevent the whole scan to delay.

I’ve read about scanner_plugins_timeout but read that it doesn’t make that much of a difference according to: Optimal timeout setting for OpenVAS

General info on overlong scan times and how to improve them is available e.g. here:

There is a scanner preference (via openvas.conf) called log_whole_attack which can be set to yes so that the execution time of each plugin / VT is logged accordingly in the scanner logs or syslog.

AFAICT there is no such functionality included in any component of the Greenbone Community or Enterprise Edition.

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