VTs list is empty

I ran the scan and got an error - VTs list is empty.

In logs I can see:
Failed to open lock file var/lib/gvm/gvm-syncing-nvts : permission denied
manage_update_nvt_cache_osp: error getting sync lock
OSP start+scan VTs list is empty

Also I got the problem: OSPD-openvas: (error: ospd.server) error sending data to the client [errno 32] Broken pipe

I am running GVM on Azure environment.
Please let me know which ports are needed for client-service communication?

I ran the commands: greenbone-nvt-sync, greenbone-scapdata-sync, and greenbone-certdata-syn
But nothing has changed.
Any solutions?

SOLUTION: I gave 777 permissions to gvm in var/lib/gvm
as root:
cd /var/lib/
chmod -R 777 gvm

I guess you are not using the Greenbone Virtual Machine (GCE) but a self compiled or distro repository based installation (GSE)? Moved into the GSE category accordingly.

Please note that setting 777 permissions are dangerous from a security point of view.