Virtual Appliance Issue

Stuck at “Loading initial ramdisk”…

the installation appeared to by without an problems. I set up admin creds, and it asks if I want to eject the installation media, to which I say no. then it goes to reboot. This is where i think it goes sidways. it only appears to reboot once. I takes me to Grub, and boots “Greenbone OS 20.08”. this is where it sticks at Loading initial ramdisk with no further change.

There is are a few other options, “Greenbone OS 20.08 GNU/Linux” , “System Setup”. and “Advanced options” for each of these. and of these options ask for usr/pwd, which i enter and it just take me back to Grub. Any ideas? I feel like I am missing something simple.

I am a pentesting student and have always loved OpenVAS, and was thinkning about opening a small consulting business with myself and a couple buddies. I was hoping to get the working and then pass it along to them as they have no experience with the platform. Any help would be great.

Hello socket23, welcome to the Greenbone Community.

Which hypervisor are you using, and how long did you wait for the VM to boot?

As a first step, can you try the installation again please and eject the installation media this time?