Virtual Appliance Installation Problem

I have the Virtual Appliance installed on VirtualBox with 2048M RAM and 9GB Disk as required.
I have internet connectivity both in and out of the Virtual Appliance as required.

Installation proceeds normally.

  1. I create an admin user and password
  2. I 'eject" the CD ROM and reboot
  3. System reboots twice as stated in instructions
  4. I get a message indicating the web interface is available. I can ping that IP address
  5. I login as admin
  6. I get the message that GSM is not fully functional. Do I want to complete setup. I reply Yes
  7. I create a web-user
  8. I skip the next step to get the Security Feed and instead to use the Community Feed
  9. I get a message, there is no feed present on this machine. I reply “Yes” to download a feed now.
    10 I get a message that I just started a background system operation. I press “OK”.

When I go to the IP address assigned to the web interface, this message appears:
Warning: SecInfo Database Missing
SCAP and/or CERT database missing on OMP server.
(I also have no NVTs loaded)

However during the install, I get the message that

in many cases it takes a while to download feed and the manager to load it as well.

Maybe viewing the log might also help

Let me know if the problem still comes up :slight_smile:


Quoting from the installation instructions:

Download Feed: Without a feed you can not do any scans and the SecInfo section remains empty. So the download is highly recommended, but requires internet access.

The feed update now runs in the background and you are on the main menu of the administration. Via “About” you can have a look at the key properties of your setup, especially the address of the web interface and whether there still runs the Feed update as a system operation.

Only after the feed update completed there will be all information in the SecInfo area and first scans possible. This could take half an hour or even longer.