Version Update

Hello i’ve been working with greenbone 22.4.0 version for months now on my project i just noticed that when i scan it shows that i need to update the version but i installed it using a repository ppa:ppa:mrazavi/gvm
how to fix the “Report outdated / end-of-life Scan Engine / Environment (local)” warning without a complete reinstallation. Is there a way to update it without the reinstallation. I really don’t have time to reinstall it and can’t afford losing time please help me asap i really need the scanning results within these days.

Since you’re using a PPA, I’m assuming that your package manager is apt and you’re using a Debian based distribution (Debian, Kali, Ubuntu,…). If there was an upgrade available for your package, you could just upgrade it with sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade, and depending on the package configuration, without data loss. (Backups are still advised before upgrading a package though.)

It’s the package maintainer’s responsibility to keep his package up to date. In your specific case, the last build for the package was 59 weeks ago, so a bit over a year. Ask the package maintainer to update.

If you always want the latest version of Greenbone CE, I’d recommend setting up the community containers, however that would be a new setup process which you want to avoid.


I think your choices are to either (1) contact the maintainerse of the ppa:ppa:mrazavi/gvm packagers, or (2) switch to the official Greenbone source code install instructions, docker containers, or Kali Linux native packages.

Personally, I would switch to an officially supported build.