Version of Openvas alert

For each network component I receive the following alert:
NVT: Report outdated / end-of-life Scan Engine / Environment (local)
Vulnerability Detection Result:
Version of installed component: 20.8.1 (Installed component: openvas-l 􏰆→ibraries on OpenVAS <= 9, openvas-scanner on GVM >= 10)
Latest available openvas-scanner version: 21.4.3
I actually use the 21.4.3 version and all feeds are updated, however I get this message even so. Any advise on that? I use Kali Linux.

Hi @Avi,

It looks like not all components are updated (or possibly somewhere a version number isn’t updated in the configuration). First thing is to check all of the installed components with this list: GVM 21.04 (stable, initial release 2021-04-16)

From the other thread it looks like you were able to update with the package manager in Kali and are using the Kali provided packages so this is the next place to try for help with this version: