UUID version issue when installing gvm-libs

This is the error I’m getting.

– Requested ‘uuid >= 2.25.0’ but version of OSSP uuid is 1.6.2
You may find new versions of OSSP uuid at http://www.ossp.org/pkg/lib/uuid/

ossp.org shows that version 1.6.2 is the most recent version. Am I missing something on where to get a version newer than this? I have Homebrew installed as a package manager but do not necessarily rely on it.


GVM versions

gvm-libs: 20.4+beta1-git-038179e7-master


Operating system: OS X 1.15.1
Installation method / source: compile from source

The last “news” from that ossp project are from 2009.

Are you sure you want to continue relying on it?

There are inspiring quotes on the site:
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Not particularly, but the error message is referring to it and I can’t find any reference to UUID 2.25.0 anywhere else.

When you searched for it to try and help me out did you find anything?

Well, no.
But there is a link to an OpenPKG site which seems to have newer stuff. I don’t know the relation of these two sites, and if the OpenPKG packages can be used for what you want to do. Maybe you can look at it and find out something useful for your purposes (and report here).
Can’t you just compile some newer uuid package for your OS X platform?
Or use the virtual appliance?
Why choose a solution which is difficult?
Computers are cheap. You can run it on a RPi 3 or 4 I guess (don’t know for the newer versions, though).
Did anyone compile the current GSE for a RPi 3 or 4?

Unfortunately, the OpenPKG site shows their newest UUID tar is version 1.6.2. I would love to find the newer version so I could compile it myself but searching for it seems to be coming up fruitless. I searched this forum to see if anyone had referred to UUID’s and didn’t see anything so figured I’d ask.`

I’m doing it this way because I like doing things that no one else seems to have done before, to learn. This isn’t about only running OpenVAS and I do indeed have access to VM’s and RPi’s and currently run Kali on them.


Note that this version check is very likely checking for the “UUID” library which has e.g. version 2.25 on Debian:


and not for the “UUID” command line tool which as the lower version 1.6.2:


Generally i don’t think that GVM is supporting anything else then Linux so operating systems like Mac OS X and *BSD shouldn’t be the platform of your choice for it.