Using OSPD scanner what vtfilter options are available form scan_start


I’ve looked over the source code and documentation, and I can only find examples to filtered based on family or modification/create date. I can see with class OpenVasVtsFilter(VtsFilter) for OSPD that you can expand the get_vt, but my question is, how do you apply a filter to the scanner? I’m currently mimicking fast_full_scan with all families and would like to add QoD filter to avoid anything lower than 40. I know I can filter the results but I would like to avoid running those vts instead of removing them from the report. I know the consequences, but in my scenario, it is something we need to do.

My question is, is there an option to find out all filters for the scan process and add something like QoD, etc? If not, is there an option to modify the code to do it and if so, where to start?