Using nmap for port scanning and OpenVAS for vulnerability scanning

Hi everyone,

I am looking to complete port scanning using standalone nmap first and import .gnmap files into openvas. I don’t want openvas doing any port scanning. I want it to simply take the imported scan that’s already been completed and run the selected NVTs on it.

I’ve edited the Nmap (NASL wrapper) to include my desired nmap file, and saved the “Port Scanners” NVT family to just have the edited Nmap port scanner active which houses the gnmap file.

I was testing this by creating a small port list with just TCP/80 and I ran the task hoping that the results would show all of the ports inside the gnmap file.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen and it scanned and found ports higher than 80. Openvas also didn’t read the gnmap file as the results were missing a number of ports.

Thanks for reading!

I apologize if this is the wrong category.