Using Kali Linux, pfSense and I am running into an issue on installing gvm-setup

Hello everyone!

I am a student and I am having an issue installing gvm on Kali.

This is the recurring error get. I have tried removing the user, Postgresql and adding it manually, I tried changing the ports and removing any other Postgresql related errors and still no joy…any help will be greatly appreciated!

Firstly, please don’t post a partial screenshot - please post the output text. Secondly, why do you mention pfSense in your post title?

Just wanting to see if there is a issue with the firewall either blocking something or not connecting correctly. As I mentioned, I have tried different things on the Postgresql side and it seems to trash the whole thing. At a loss of what it could be.

Is pfSense running on the same Kali host?

Yes. I had one successful install and one successful scan but when I restarted the VM, Greenbone and pfSense was blocked and went straight to my router effectively locking me out which required me to trash all the VMs, and start from scratch. Now I have the same error every gvm-setup run but with different errors either telling me a user exists, or file is missing or a locked area has no more memory. Racking my brain on this one! I am even trying this out on a different computer just in case.

I regularly install Greebone using the Kali Linux native packages without issue. This issue is very likely due to pfSense. I personally would not run these two applications on the same device/VM since they have completely different functions. In a production environment, I would be very hesitant about running anything on a firewall device since it is a critical security device.

Otherwise, if you absolutely have to, I would look for pfSense rules that are preventing the connection, although there may be other issues.

I will give this one more go and post a screenshot of the new error and let me know what you think I can do to go around it. Thanks for the help so far and yes, I have to have pfSense running in VBox along with Kali. No way around it…