Using GVM-Tools ... (Beginner)

I have downloaded the github package and have followed all instructions. I have installed the pip env locally and can run the venv bash command line. At this point I don’t know what to do in order to run a script and also which file to change for configuration or if I will have to make an authentication script seperate to it. This is my first time working with both pipenv and gmp-tools and I have read all the possible documentation. Any help is greatly appreciated.

You need to give us more details about your use case(s) to get more specific feedback and hints.

Some general information:

The configuration of gvm-tools is explained at

It is very likely you need to use the unix domain socket connection to connect on the same host to the gvmd daemon.

Afterwards you can take a look at

to get some inspiration about the possibilities of scripting via gvm-tools.

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Okay so I’ve installed the gvm-tools completely and can run pipenv shell and python. I am unsure as to how to then run a script e.g. monthly-report.gmp. My question is how do i run a GMP script at this point. do I do it at bash level using commands or do I go into python and run the script inside and if so for either, could you give an example? Even with documentation I can’t get my head around it

A more abstract version: I am unsure how to run the GVM/GMP command line tools when I have the bash command line up and the whole venv is installed.

If you did choose to use pipenv you have to activate the python virtual environment first. This can be done via running pipenv shell. Afterwards the commands gvm-cli, gvm-pyshell and gvm-script are available in your console shell.

You can use gvm-script --gmp-username=username --gmp-password=password socket --socketpath=/path/to/gvmd.sock /path/to/gvm-tools/scripts/some-script.gmp


Hello Bricks, where can I find gvmd.sock?? I dont have this file on my VM. should it be copied when I install gvm-tools? or is this a file I should create myself?

thank you

Please take look at

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