Using Greenbone to detect printers

I’ve been asked to identify all network-connected printers in our organisation. I’ve used HP Web JetAdmin and Xerox Centreware successfully elsewhere in the past but I need to use Greenbone here because it already has access to all our VPNs and through all our firewalls. Another solution is unlikely to be given this access.

Although Greenbone has detected some printers (mainly HP), I know it has missed others. I know it does not scan devices if port 9100 is detected to avoid paper wastage but even if I switch off this option, printers are not found.

Are there any tests I can use within Greenbone to interrogate printers and get their model number, firmware version etc? I have enabled the snmp tests without success. Even getting it to produce a list of ip addresses listening on port 9100 would be useful.


the detection of products / services like printers depends on the existence of related Detection-VTs and detection pattern within those. There is no process in place which just detects products automatically, a product detection is a manual process where a VT-Developer needs to implement/extend the related product detection.

It is most likely the case that there are either no Detection-VTs for the printers available at all or the Detection-VT is currently not capable to detect the related printer due to missing detection patterns.

If you know details about the printers (e.g. HTML source code of the HTTP Login pages, SNMP/FTP/Telnet banners and similar) you could try to collect and post them in here so the detection of this printers could be extended.

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