Using a Scan Sensor as a Scan Slave?

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we are planing to implement Greenbone in our Company. There are some open Questions, we do not have an answer to.

Is it possible to use a scan sensor as a scan slave?
Is it possible to use a scan sensor as a vm?

Thanks for answering my Questions, if possible.

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The Community Edition can’t facilitate any Master-Sensor connections at all.
But to clear up some term confusion here:
It is possible to have one GSM (Greenbone Security Manager a.k.a. the physical or virtual appliance) execute a scan on a dependent GSM. In the olden days this was called “scan master” and “scan slave”. These days we use “scan master” and “scan sensor”. There are virtual GSM that can act as scan sensors.
As this is a forum for the free community It’s best to ask sales@greenbone any further questions.



I have been able to setup 2x GSA VMs with one GSA being able to execute tasks on a “slave” GSA.
It is a process of setting it up as a slave OMP scanner over port 9390.

  1. Create a user on the “slave” gsa install. Record the username and password
  2. Save /var/lib/openvas/CA/cacert.pem as CA.crt locally from the “slave” GSA
  3. Setup a new scanner on the “master” gsa as a OMP slave.
  4. Change the port to 9390
  5. Use the ca.crt as the certificate
  6. Use the username and password from step 1 as the authentication username and password to authenticate against the “slave” gsa

Create a task, choose your “slave” scanner and watch it go!