Upgrade of GVM 9 to 11

Hi All,

I am planning to upgrade my GVM 9 to 11. But don’t know how to upgrade.
The OS is in GVM is 5.4.0-45-generic.
Please let me know the steps or instructions which required to upgrade.

Thanks in advance

Hi Team,
Please let me know I have to upgrade greenbone security assistant which is installed on ubuntu 20.4.

Current version installed is openvas9 and it is giving reported EOL engine. In report it is suggesting to upgrade.

If anyone have documentation or steps to upgrade please update it here.

Thanks in advance!


First you need to Upgrade to GVM 10 and if you have GVM 10 up and running you can do the Upgrade to GVM 11. And if you upgrade your GVM i would suggest you upgrade to GVM 20.08 as well. GVM 11 will be soon end of life as well.

Here are some useful hints:

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Also take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for some additional statements about that topic.

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