Upgrade from openvasmd to gvmd

OK … So I’ve been using Openvas for about 3-4 years at this point. I’ve installed on CentOS using the atomicorp repos. 2 weeks ago, atomicorp pushed out the latest which upgraded all the major version, and changing everything.
Result: Nothing works.

Over the course of those 3-4 years, I had a number of scripts written to omp, which is now gone. I’d customized a number of aspects of the access methods, which are all whacked now since config file names changed and binary names changed.

After a day of trying to downgrade everything, I gave up …

What I’m looking for now is a guide to the changes, and process for updating or importing my tasks.db to gvmd version of the db but haven’t

First of all I am sorry you had such a bad experience. Please take a look at the linked documents here

The omp tool got deprecated several years ago. We provide gvm-tools as a replacement.

Disclaimer: Greenbone isn’t responsible for any packages shipped by Linux distributions. Therefore we also aren’t responsible for your CentOS packages. I guess you should report problems at https://github.com/Atomicorp/openvas

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Thanks! This looks like what I was looking for. I know Atomicorp is really responsible for this mess. And of course me … for fully automating my updates …


So … I’ve been through the pages you linked, and read the “–help” from the tools, but I still can’t find a way to upgrade my old tasks.db to gvmd.db ? Is there a tool I’m missing?

… I installed the latest on a clean vm and then copied my old tasks.db over the gvmd.db. Naturally, gvmd will not start and I get errors in /var/log/gvmd/gvmd.log like:

check_db_versions: database version of database: 184
check_db_versions: database version supported by manager: 205

I feel like I’m missing something simple.


It is a general requirement to migrate / update the manager database when going from one major release to the next one. The related documentation can be found here: