Updating task and target

I know in previous versions we could edit certain properties of a target. Now it seems almost all properties cant be changed. We have changed a password of a server, now we cant update this in the target. This to me seems like a bug, could someone clarify this please.

We could clone a target, change the settings in the cloned one but the task does not allow the target to be changed once it has run once. Iy you delete all reports for the task you are able to change the target.

There’s probebly a reason for this but it makes changing targets user unfriendly.

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Nothing has changed in this regard in the last releases. At least not to my knowledge. Maybe you did create an alterable task before (10 Scanning a System — Greenbone Enterprise Appliance 21.04.19 documentation)?

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Hm, from a task point of view, yes that could be the case I used an alterable task before.

Regarding the targets, whats the reason we cant update/add/changecredentials? This changes nothing to the report structure.

AFAICT adding/updating/changing credentials also changes the report in a way that the results might differ between two reports (e.g. additional/less permissions etc. for the changed user).