Updating OpenVAS database offline


I’m a currently building an custom Kali Linux Live ISO which contains openvas package. I must not use an internet connection on the machine using the built ISO so I can’t update the NVT using openvas-setup.

Is there a way to do so offline or by downloading the database on another machine, put it on a USB key and manually update ? (I’m also using ClamAV which allows to update by downloading the database online for example)

Thanks !

GVM versions

gsa: 7.0.3
openvas-scanner: 5.1.3


Operating system: Kali Linux
Kernel: Linux kali 5.7.0-kali1-amd64
Installation method / source: apt-get install openvas

The Community Feed must always be online synced via RSYCN, certain Greenbone appliances do support a feature called “Air-Gap” so you can use this appliances to run a offline-installation in your high security environment or use a data diode. This feature is not part of our free software stack and you need to build it on your own or buy a commercial solution.


Alright thank you. I’m currently looking for the price of a commercial solution. Is it a licence ? Can’t find any precise information about it.

Here is a list of re-seller if you need a quote:

If you need Air-Gap you need to look at the Feature-Overview here:


You need one Air-Gap Master and one Air-Gap Sensor, FTP need a additional Data Diode USB obviously not.

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