Updating GVMD_DATA question

Hi TreAtW… I really appreciate your help. Thanks for the script. I am going to test it.
About the update… could you please guide me on what this means.
How can be sure that the platform was updated successfully?

From the Greenbone Community Documentation:

gvmd data (or also called “data objects”) are scan configurations, compliance policies, port lists and report formats.

The command that I mentioned (greenbone-feed-sync --type GVMD_DATA) will get the latest GVMD data from the Greenbone Community Feed and update your configs, policies, etc. accordingly.

However, please note that the versions shown may look old because they don’t change that often. The versions shown in your screenshot match with the versions shown on my system, which is up to date.

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Please move the question / discussion on the “updating” of the installation into a separate topic as this is unrelated and will cause confusion if different unrelated topics are mixed up in a single topic.

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Hi… Sorry for that… I will keep it in mind for next questions