Update to openvas scanner 22.4.1

Hi together,

today i set up the Greenbone version 22.4 on a ubuntu server machine.
The installation went great and without any problems.
Now i made my first scans and got a high weakpoint on every scanned machine. That my openvas scanner is outdated

Here is a screenshot of that:

is there a guide how to Update the openvas scanner ?
Because this errors disort my scan results.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hello @maxi7222

How did you install Greenbone version 22.4?


No sorry, because this depends on your installation method. If you installed our Greenbone Community Edition from distribution packages you should fill an issue at the packagers bug tracker.


Hi @victor.sanchez and @bricks,

sry for the late response.
I used this guide here: https://greenbone.github.io/docs/latest/22.4/source-build/index.html

So i builded 22.4 from source on a Ubuntu Server 22.04.2 LTS Version.
Is there a command where i can check the scanner ?

I must admit, that my Linux skill arent that great :slight_smile:



Is there a command where i can check the scanner ?

First, you may want to get your scanner version. Try the following ones (hopefully at least one will work, I do not remember the binary name for each version):

openvas --version
openvassd --version
ospd-openvas --version

According to the official documentation, last scanner version is the same as gvmd.


So as long as you have set the GVM_VERSION variable properly the binary should be in version 22.4.1 (as can be seen here, not in 22.4.0 as you mentioned earlier in the first post.

If I were you I would check the installation process step by step. If you donโ€™t succeed, you probably should open an issue.

Kind regards.

Thank you for responding. Your clue was really good.

I checked the installation guide and somehow i managed to make a mistake.

I typed:

export GVM_VERSION=22.4.0

instead of:

export GVM_VERSION=22.4.1

I really dont know how i managed to fail there.
However is there a way to repair this and upgrade the system to 22.4.1 or do i need to install everything new ?

Thank you again for give me the right advise


you should be able to repeat the steps and compile the new version. When moving the files into place you will overwrite the old ones, so no need to reinstall the server completly.


How? Can you provide a step-by-step for updating from one version to the other ?

to be honest i didnt managed to upgrade or find a guide for that.
I just deleted the VM and installed everything complete new.
Hope that helps ^^

This completely depends on your installation method.

If you did install our software from packages of a distribution like Kali you need to wait for updated packages and run their normal update/upgrade process.

If you use our community containers just pull the newest container images and restart the services.

Most difficult is the update for source builds. If you donโ€™t have an idea on how it could work you should probably use the source build in a virtual machine and always start from scratch.

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