Update CERT-Bund-Advisory


I am starting (testing) with GVM, … … .

Updating with gvm-feed-update works fine for the NVTs.

My Question:
Where can I update the CERT-Bund-Advisory?

Its still the same entries (14. June)

I haven´t found information about the update process in the manual.

Or is this not possible in the free Version?

On the BSI website are newer ones mentioned.

many thanks for help.

regards RalfE

Thank you for bringing up this issue.

Sadly this is not a problem on our side. This is a (known) problem by the BSI. They are working on a fix.
You can double check here and see, that their official feed doesn’t contain any newer advisories currently.
When there are new advisories, they will also get into our feed!

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Many thanx4rply.

Maybe I`ll find a way to get some more informations from BSI. If, … … ., then I will come back with these Informations.

regards Ralf


After having a short conversation with the BSI, they told us, that they changed there notification system. Your link is an old one and will not receive any further updates.

They offer their information on https://wid.cert-bund.de/portal/wid/kurzinformationen and as RSS feed since 14.June…

Regards, Holger


Thank you for the information - we thought the same in the first place. But they told us that they have issues with their system. Even if they have these new information feed - what about all the old advisories? In the past these got updated frequently, but do not receive any updates, anymore.

The new advisories have a new ID format and are published since the second of June.

What ever it is, I will roll up this topic internally again!

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Many thanks! Let‘s hope for the best…

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Are here any News or a workaround?
Can I paste the new URL in a config file?
Our RSS feed is still on 14.06.

We are still working on it.