Upcoming change to the Greenbone Security Feed - Final upgrade warning for Greenbone OS 3.1

The Greenbone Security Feed will receive a structural change on October 31st 2019. This change means a slight performance improvement of the feed update for GSM appliances running GOS 4.3 or later. The improvements also accumulate for the Greenbone Security Feed servers and result in less load and faster responses.

Technically speaking, over 70.000 files are removed from the feed service. A more advanced technology is already in place since GOS 4.3 and we now finally drop the support for deprecated GOS versions.

However, this change is not compatible with GSM appliances still running GOS 3.1 or older.
Vulnerability scans with GOS 3.1 will no longer work after the feed change.
Other functionalities of GOS 3.1 are not affected.

GOS 3.1 already is beyond the end-of-life date and has limited support:

We urge all remaining users of GOS 3.1 to upgrade to a newer, fully supported GOS version. If you have any questions regarding the upgrade, please contact Greenbone Networks Support.