Undefined symbol: nvticache_get_by_name_full when starting the scanner

Hello everyone

I tried to install the OpenVAS stack on an Ubuntu via apt install openvas, the installation went fine until I hit an error message when starting the scanner:

Sep 19 14:27:29 ery openvassd[30420]: /usr/sbin/openvassd: symbol lookup error: /usr/sbin/openvassd: undefined symbol: nvticache_get_by_name_full

This has been discussed here:

Result: The system is using an outdated package of openvas-scanner mixed with a newer version of openvas-libraries not providing this nvticache_get_by_name_full function anymore.

I am using openvas-scanner/bionic,now 5.1.1-3 amd64 and still facing the issue.

Can you tell me what’s the latest version and where can I get it ?

You guys should have a requirements.txt in your repo. It’s very frustrating to even setup openvas.

There are two topic in this category (to one of them the tryout link on www.openvas.org is linking to):

showing the most recent versions:

Currently openvas (formerly openvas-scanner) is at version 7.0.0 and part of GVM-11 as shown above.

Version 5.1.1 of openvas-scanner was part of GVM-9. As of today this version is not only outdated (the most recent version included in GVM-9 was 5.1.3) but also end-of-life.

Each repo already has a INSTALL.md showing the requirements of each component like e.g.:

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