Unable to install 20.08 trial version from ISO

I am trying to create a new VMware virtual system for GSE trial 20.08, however the ISO will not boot.

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Did you enable EFI for the virtual machine? Please see the VMware documentation for more info.


The ISO for GSE version 6.10 works as expected, it boots and installs. Using the same VM configuration 20.08 does not work. Is it possible the ISO is not bootable? I can’t imagine that being the case, but had to ask. According to the this link https://docs.greenbone.net/GSM-Manual/gos-20.08/en/upgrading-gos.html
It appears I can upgrade it from the 6.14. What is the process of upgrading 6.10 to 6.14?

Also I cannot find the EFI option in Vmware ESXI when I create the new VM

Version 6.0.10 does not use EFI, this is why it boots with your settings.

EFI is required for version 20.08 and later, see https://community.greenbone.net/t/greenbone-security-manager-trial-with-greenbone-os-20-08-now-available/. Recent versions of ESXi should definitely support EFI. Try editing the VM and look for “VM Options” and “Boot Options”, or refer to the VMware documentation.

The GCE/GSM TRIAL can not be upgraded, that feature is limited to our commercial appliances.


Enabling EFI worked, however using the Other Linux 64 option does not allow EFI. I used the Ubuntu Linux 64 option

Thank you

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