Unable to get Community Feed

Hello there,

I’m deeply sorry if it has already been asked, but I used to perform some scans with OpenVas without having to make any configuration.
But now, it seems that some setup is needed. Is there any guidelines on how to get a simple appliance working?

When I’m trying to update (or download) the community feed, it fails. I have no proxy and 80/443 is allowed.
Maybe an evaluation key is needed somehow ?
It seems that in the actual state, the scans won’t find any vulnerabilities
I’m using the last appliance 4.2.20

Thank you in advance for any help.

by default port 24 is used for the feed update and needs to be allowed, 443 can alternatively be set in the admin menu.
The basic setup guide can be found here:

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Hi Olli,
Thanks for your answer.

Actually I set the correct port in the admin menu, but still unable to get the community feed.

EDIT: Is there any way to see “Background Operation” ?
EDIT 2 : Apparently now it’s working … That’s really weird. Not a clue on why it wasn’t before.

Good to hear it worked out. :+1:
The CE doesn’t offer live logs from the admin menu, but you can enter the shell and try
$ journalctl -f
to see what’s currently happening behind the scenes.

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Oh, btw: the feed is unavailable during the daily update, which happens sometime between 10.00h and 13.00h UTC, so this may have been the cause of your initial problem.

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Oh Ok. Glad to hear it wasn’t my fault :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks again for your answers ! It’s such a great tool.

I was unable to get the feed to update after a fresh install of the VM (version 6.0.7). I tried switching it to port 443 (from 24) but that didn’t seem to help either.

Ultimately, I had to get a firewall rule made to allow TCP access over port 873 to URLs: feed.openvas.org and feed.community.greenbone.net.

That was enough to make it work. I also added ports 24 and 443 for good measure because they are referenced in the architecture diagram. I also added the feeds mentioned below (apt.greenbone.net and feed.greenbone.net)

Feeds (see below)

  • Direct
    • Connecting to 24/tcp or 443/tcp
    • Direct internet access required
  • Via proxy
    • Connecting to internal HTTP proxy supporting CONNECT method on configurable port
  • Connecting to apt.greenbone.net and feed.greenbone.net
  • Mandatory on stand-alone and master appliances
  • Used protocol is SSH
  • Encrypted and bidirectionally authenticated via SSH
    • Server: public key
    • Client: public key

Wireshark capture of original failed attempt:

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