Unable to find any vulnerability

Hey guys!

We’re stuck with a scan-related issue. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide any results with the selected NVT families. However, when we enable all families, it identifies vulnerabilities that should have been detected with this scan configuration.

gvmd version: 23.1
all selected NVTs seemed to be running when debug logs were enabled

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Please note a scan-configuration is far more complex then selecting families. You need to ensure information gathering as well dependencies within the configuration.

I would suggest you start with a Full & Fast and modify that to your needs instead just creating a new one.


We are trying to make scan configs with less NVTs so we can do some “maintenance” scans on hosts between the “all in” scans.

The scan config you can see is based on minimum scan config (port scan, host detection etc) and we select the updated NVTs.

Our goal is to automate generating smaller scan configs for these maintenance scans. With the scan config above, it seems like cannot find any vulnerabilities on the hosts. Looks like we missing some NVTs or dependencies but we cannot find it.

If we could achieve the things written about we would happily share the code with the community.