Unable to classify Severity in NVT and Scap database

I have following issue after updating to the latest feeds and updating to Openvas 21.4.3. Appreciate any insights. Thanks

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GVM versions

gsad: 20.08.1~git-10e848847-gsa-20.08
gvmd: 20.08.1~git-1850406d0-gvmd-20.08
openvas-scanner: 21.4.3


Operating system:
Kernel: (‘uname -a’) 5.11.0-37-generic #41~20.04.2-Ubuntu
Installation method / source:

Hi Nookie :slight_smile:

Can you please try a resync and see if it clears up? If it does not, please let us know what version numbers your feeds are at in Administraion → Feed Status. Thanks!

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Hi, if this is correct you are mixing components from different versions. Your scanner is from the 21.4 series and gvmd/gsa from 20.08. This isn’t supported and will create issues. Would be best to update all your components to the latest releases from the 21.4 series.


Hi @DeeAnn @bricks ,
Thanks for the advice, apparently it is, the version should be same among GVMD, GSAD and OSPD. I’ve managed to upgrade them all to 21.4 version and its working perfectly now.


Very cool and thanks for letting us know!

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