Unable to change the colors of the GSA module

GVM versions

gsad: 421.4.3


Operating system: Debian
Kernel: (‘uname -a’) Latest
Installation method / source: Source from github

What am i trying to do? I am trying to change some of the colors and add our own logo to the login screen of the GSA.

At first i tried editting the files under /opt/gvm/share/gvm/gsad/web/static/css directly but this didnt work.

in the source i found a theme.js with some color settings, but when i change them and then try to run: cmake, make, make install it complains there are no cmake files in the source directory.

has anyone had any luck with modifying the css files? any points would be much apriciated!

Hi @jhjacobs81,

Greenbone Security Assistant isn’t really set up to support custom theming (but is should be possible to hack it in). A hint I got when I asked about it was to look closely at the repositories you’re working with as some parts are in C and others in JavaScript. If you could let us know why you’d like to change the theme and logo I could pass that info on and see if it comes up much. Thanks!

@jhjacobs81 can you provide your changes? please note that gsa you need to compile with yarnpkg…


@jhjacobs81 try to modify files first and then compile using github instructions.