Trial Version Enterprise Edition Vulnerabilties

I’m having issues regarding taking out the vulnerability report on Trial Enterprise and community Enterprise on that too, Do they have limited VTs database for windows vulnerabilities as I’m only getting mostly of Network Vulnerabilities on that?

I have put the IPs of the endpoints as the targeted systems in the scan and having Openvas default Scanner to be used but No-Luck in getting the right report!

Can you explain the situation more clearly please? As far as I understand you are comparing the reports generated by Enterprise Trial VM and the Greenbone Community Edition and want clarification about whether the Community Feed has more limited set of VTs. In that case, the short answer is yes, it does. The Community Feed mostly includes tests for open source products and network vulnerability tests (NVTs).

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I’m having trouble extracting specific Windows system vulnerabilities from the scan results, which appear to emphasize network issues. Can you tell me a way of more detailed report focusing exclusively on vulnerabilities within the Windows OS?

Sure, you can use filters to reduce a scan report to specific results. You can watch the Greenbone official video for learning how to use filters or alternatively, read the documentation about the same topic. You can also find a broad documentation section about reports

No you didn’t get the point, what I’m trying to get is upon the Scan it should give me only System level vulnerabilities not the network ones so only detailed endpoint vulnerabilities that too of Windows environment!

The filters you reffering here is for filtering the reported completed scan, I just want to get the system level vulnerabilities, hope I’m making sense to you! : )

Did you configure an authenticated scan? For more information see: