Transfert Configuration


I’ll have to deploy a new Scanner and was wondering if it was possible to transfers other configuration than the Scan Configuration.

Is it possible to export from my old scanner to my new scanner the things like:

  • Tasks
  • Targets
  • Schedules

These would be from a container in v21.4.3 toward a container in v22.4

I can take a swing at this, but I’m not 100% sure my answer will be correct.

I think this depends on how you are migrating your containers. If you are simply pulling new container images, and replacing the old ones with updated versions, you can migrate the database using the gvmd --migrate command in the gvmd container. However, if you are setting up new containers on a new system, etc. I think you will have to migrate the database schema first using the command above, then use something like pg_dump to migrate the actual table data. Someone can please correct me if I’m wrong about this.

I was looking for some gvmd --migrate documentation, but could not find any. However, you can search the forum for others completing a similar migration and see some of that discussion as well.