Transfer of reports

Hello! Tell me please. Is it possible to transfer scan reports from one server to another?
Few details.
I had a 21.4 server that was running for a while and reports accumulated on it.
After it was decided to create a new server but version 22.4. And I really need to move the scan reports from the old server to the new one.
I would be grateful for any hints.

Hello skif, welcome to the Greenbone Community Forum! :slight_smile:

It’s possible to export single reports by opening a report and downloading them as “Anonymous XML”. It can then be imported by using a container task. You can find more information about container tasks in the official documentation.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to export all reports via the GUI. However, there may be GMP scripts that allow you to do this. You can find the documentation for it here and some example scripts here.


@skif how about installing the same version and then just copy database files?


I tried to install back the same version 21.4 on the first server, but there were a lot of errors and the server does not start (

when starting the old server, I get the following error