Too slow running tasks

I am using gvm-21.04 that I have a problem with
When I run a task it seems that everything is fine at the beginning
but when it’s almost done around 95 percent it becomes toooo slow.
for example imagine my task has lasted 17 minutes I can say that 95% of that has taken 2 minutes but the last 5 percent has taken 15 minutes…
I’d like to solve this problem or would please tell me whether it’s normal or not ???

This should be normal:

The percentage only shows a rough estimate based on the remaining VTs to run. If a scan is nearing it’s end only VTs doing “active” attacks are running (e.g. like the SSH Bruteforce VT) which might take a good amount to complete.

In turn this means that at the beginning of a scan only “Info gathering” VTs are running which are often quite fast to complete.

Because of this you often see a fast increasing percentage on the beginning of the scan but a slower one at the end of a scan.

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Thanks for your response…
And would you please tell me what the reason for this issue is?
"In the first two minutes for example (the so-called first part) CPU usage is nearly 89 percent
but nearly the end that takes more time, the average CPU usage is about 40 percent "

Unfortunately i can’t give technical details as i’m not familiar with these GVM internals. The only thing i can say is that there is no issue and this is a normal behavior of GVM.

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Thanks a million for your response

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Nonetheless a guess on this topic:

The work load put on the CPU is independent from the run time of a VT. e.g.:

  • at the begin of a scan more VTs could be running concurrently which have a shorter run time but causing a higher CPU load
  • at the end of a scan less concurrently VTs are running (but with a higher run time) causing less CPU load
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