Too short scan reports

yesterday updated my gvm instance ( Version 22.4.0 in web interface) on debian from repo. updated feeds and made a test scan of virtual machine that was scanned many times before with previos versions of gvm and as result got report as usual.
but report looks too short and brief in compare with old ones. for example in new report no vulnerabilities which exists in previos scan report. also even i swith to log severity i can see only 4 strings in compare with 30-40 in old reports.
so, if it ok? if not - what am i doing wrong?

anybody home? no experts here?

Hello kolesya and welcome to the Greenbone community.

The problem you describe is quite a generic one for which there is no quick and easy solution.

There may be a network problem between your Greenbone setup and the target of the scan. It is also possible that a problem occured when you updated your setup from 21.04 to 22.04, and it is not working correctly.

Please check out the following resources to rule out some common obstacles:

If the problem persists, you need to have a look at the logs of your system during the time of the scan to find out more.

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it wasn’t a network problem.
other vm scan report all same + icmp timestamp detection vuln. wich was fixed here.
but previos openvas version found 20 different severity vulns on it.
also yesterday my friend got same report after update his openvas instance from sources.