Too many open files / Stack smashing detected

GVM versions

gsa: 8.0.0
openvas-scanner: 6.0.0
gvm-libs: 10.0.0


Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
Kernel: 5.0.0-36-generic
Installation method / source: source


Currently i’m busy with installing and configuring openvas. However after the installation is finished I encounter a problem while running openvassd. When openvassd is starter i get the error “too many open files” after a while. I tried to fix this by changing the max-file limit in both the /etc/security/limits.conf as the /etc/sysctl.conf. However after this fix, the “too many open files” error is replaced by the “stack smashing detected” error.

Does anyone have any clue about the possible problem and solution?


Please disable additional hardening techniques first.

Thank you for you answer. However I don’t understand which hardening techniques you mean.

To start I have allready have set the vm.overcommit_memory to 1 for the redis installation and the net.core.somaxconn to 1024.

Use a different Distribution or change the “Default Stack Protector” bundled with your Distribution. additional security options only make sense if you understand what they doing and how they work.

I’m not sure why you are talking about the additional security options while the problem ocurred with a default ubuntu 1804 installation. Furthermore i’m also not sure why the post of @TheOneAndUs and me are flagged as offtopic.

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Please note this a GSE specific board and we can´t discuss distribution specific configurations or individual packaging issues here. If you have hard times to handle a GCC and the hardening techniques, the GCE VM or Greenbone Appliance would be a better solution for you :wink:

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