Too few vulnerabilities in my report?

I have the same problem. After installation
GSM Greenbone OS 4.2.24
Greenbone OS 4.2.24 ver. 201903081047
OpenVAS SCAP Feed ver. 201903070000
OpenVAS CERT Feed ver. 201903070100
I tried to create target to unpatched windows 2008 R2 server and run Full and Fast Ultimate Scan without credentials on All IANA Ports and fond one Critical 9,3, one medium 5.0, one low 2,6 and 12 log vulnerabilities.
I think, that is not enough. When i try to scan the same server with eg.Nexpose, I find much more vulnerabilities.
I think, that I have something wrong in configuration, but can’t figure out what it is.

Only Severity Log messages had discussed an issue where only “log” entries were show i have split your question from the initial thread.

Rationale: You seems to get not only “log” entries but also vulnerabilities shown.