Timezone breaks PDF reporting

I know this is referencing an old build, but this is what currently comes form Kali’s repo.
There is a bug in the timezone names which have two words. For instance, (America/Los_Angeles) is represented as (America/Los Angeles) and when parsed by latex.xsl, it breaks the formatting of the resulting file. It has an easy workaround, but I wanted to see if it had been fixed in later releases.

gsad 7.0.3
openvasmd 7.0.3 DB rev. 184

OS/kernel Kali 5.2.0-kali2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.2.9-2kali1 (2019-08-22) x86_64

installed via [apt-get install openvas] and no repos other than Kali’s defaults are set up.

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GVM and OpenVAS was always designed to work ONLY in UTC, the local timezone can be configured via GSA/GMP … so please set your timezone to UTC and it should work find. You might wanna open a Bug at Kali that the package has an issue and the packet maintainer needs to fix this.

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I do plan on opening one with Kali. The system is running in America/Los_Angeles and it works fine.

Maybe I wasn’t clear with my explanation. When you set the timezone inside GSA to any timezone which has two words in the locale name, it does not have the underscore between words and thus breaks the latex formatting when you run a PDF report. For instance, America/Los_Angeles is written as America/Los Angeles inside GSA. Again, I have a workaround but thought I would report it.

To be more precise. Our daemons expect UTC as system timezone and all timestamps in the API are in UTC. For GSA the timezone is completely transparent.

And btw. it is already fixed in GVM 10


sounds good. thanks.

FYI this same behavior exists in GCE 6.0.0.

We are not using timezones with spaces in GSA anymore. So the error should not be in GSA.