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Still can’t scan targets!
Hello everyone. I need some help with my scanning because I get the same answer in all my scans, even if I try several types of scan and different servers.
I’m using Greenbone Security Assistant Version 7.0.3
Here’s some pictures:


Please be safe in the quarantine!


unfortunately currently most information are missing from your post. Please always try to provide as many information as possible. As a reader i would e.g. expect that the initial post at least includes the following:

  • The used version of the GCE (not only GSA)
  • What OS are you using
  • How did you install? E.g.: via packet manager or with github sources?
  • What kind of logs you’re getting
  • The configuration of your scan (e.g. portlist, scan configuration etc.)

Regards and stay safe as well :slight_smile:

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Besides what @emoss is saying, you are using an old GVM 9 version that is not supported anymore and EOL. Please update to a later version such as GVM 11 and your problem might already be solved.

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Is there documentation anywhere that tells you how to upgrade to GVM11?


As you are asking in the Greenbone Source Edition category I assumed you have built GVM 9 from source. Building GVM 11 would be similar and you can find installation guides in the readme of the corresponding repos over at

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